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Trust Yourself First

Cultivating Self-Awareness, Confidence & Resilience

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Trust Yourself First - available now

This book tells my story of how I came to discover the secrets of living successfully, including how I discovered the “magic” of Clean Language, developed by a genius called David Grove, and stories from clients, friends and family that have shaped my coaching practice, my life and who I am today.

I want to share what I've learned and the lesson clients have found most useful for their own professional and personal development. When you learn to trust yourself more, you grow in confidence. My 4C model of Trust: Consistency, Compassion, Competence, and Communication are the keys to unlocking your potential to cultivate more trust with yourself and with others.

I've experienced how “bad” things can become the gateway to treasures buried deep within. I've learned - and continue to learn - to "nourish" the many parts of myself to become a more integrated, balanced and happy human.

I hope my book inspires you to reflect on your own life and where you want to go next, become your own best friend and cultivate the relationships you would like in your life.

Trust Yourself First is published by New Degree Press, USA.  Available now. 

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